Featured Artist

Ella Bril


Ella Bril – (1996) is a Dutch contemporary artist. Mixing, matching and experimenting with colour using oil as a primary medium.

People intrigue her and the world never fails to amaze. She creates her own version of reality and tries to capture moments and images from her vivid imagination on canvas.

In her work, you will find emotions through use of colour and expressions on faces. You’ll find moments and memories. You’ll find nature and people. But most of all, you’ll find a story.

‘Over the years I learnt to look differently. Which made me capable to absorb the things around me. I create my own version of reality and try to capture moments and images that live in my head. Ideas come to me. Lots of them. They often paralyzed me, and I wasn’t able to create order in the chaos which is my brain. For years, I did not allow my creativity to fully shine. Eventually It made me lose myself, and I realized I could actually use that creative energy in different ways. I could use it to create beautiful things. To be a maker. And that is exactly what I am.’