Featured Artist

Gabrielė Aleksė


Gabrielė Aleksė was born in Kaunas, Lithuania, in 1990. She finished her Master’s degree in Painting at Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2015. After her studies, she decided to see the wider world. First, she went to Germany and settled in Leipzig where she found a very rich art scene. Later on, she traveled to India and lived there for one year. This experience changed her as an artist, and gave her new perspectives.

‘My works are a reference to the inner spaces of the human world. I think each of us has an immeasurable space of peace within us. When I was in the Vipassana meditation retreat, I managed to touch that space for a few moments, when it looks like your body expands to an infinite horizon. In my works, architecture is seen as a symbol of security and the human body – the house. In my paintings, these architectural spaces are opened, cut out in various ways. You can see beyond these empty spaces to the horizon. I try to convey a sense of optimism, peace, and hope in my paintings.’