Featured Artist

Janet Angus


Janet Angus was born in 1978 in Manila, Philippines, and lives in the Australian Capital Territory, Australia. She is a mid-career artist and has had several solo and group shows. Janet graduated with Honours in Visual Arts at the Australian National University in 2014.

‘My work explores identity through painting and digital processes. I am fascinated in the way we shape our environment and in turn, the way it shapes us. Brutalist architecture is used to inform my work and I am particularly drawn to the use of concrete, a material that is solid, heavy and built to last. Buildings of this style have a real physical presence, and their reliability to withstand the test of time is emblematic of the human need to survive.

My painted constructions are a combination of three-dimensional and two-dimensional configurations that alternate between the illusion of deep space and the flat surface. They are a depiction of straight lines, hard edges, and simplified forms, and capture the starkness and austerity of Brutalist styles. My works visually represent the connection between past, present and future, and the realisation of oneself within the built environment.’