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Khalid Takreti


Born in 1964 in Beirut, Khaled Takreti is a Syrian contemporary artist who worked with the General Directorate of Antiquity and Museums in Syria before he launched his career in arts. In 1995 he moved to New York to undertake a wider approach in style and variety, and then finally settled in Paris in 2006, devoting his energy completely to painting.


His paintings have been presented in solo and group exhibitions throughout the Middle East, Europe and USA, including premiering in international exhibitions such as the Alexandria Biennale, Art Paris, Art Hong Kong, and Art Dubai. His works are also held in the permanent collection displayed at the Syrian National Museum, Jordan’s National Gallery of Fine Arts and Mathaf, the Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha.


Khalid Takreti’s canvases delve into the human experience with the use of bold and colour schemes. The striking luminosity of his subjects captures the essence of life and emotion, often located amidst the chaos of conflict. Infusing the paintings with personal narratives and echoes of his cultural heritage, he offers viewers a glimpse into the rich tapestry of his homeland. Navigating the complexities of human existence, his canvases invite the viewer to ponder the impact of geopolitical tumult on the human spirit.

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Expression Unbound – Contemporary Art from the Middle East

Kaf Gallery and Janet Rady Fine Art are honoured to present Expression Unbound: Contemporary Art from the Middle East, a glimpse into the work of twelve Middle Eastern artists, each deeply influenced by a rich history of cultural tradition and struggle within their homeland. Presented in an array of media, this selection of works constructs a diverse tapestry of artistic vision that transcends borders and interrogates societal perceptions.

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