Solaleh Abdolpanah

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Solaleh Abdolpanah


Solaleh Abdolpanah (b. 1984, Iran) is a lecturer of Art and Architecture at the University of Gilan, as well as an Assistant and executive manager at Choom Art Gallery in Bandar-e Anzali, Iran.

She sees her creative practice as a product of chance; a subconscious action that is the result of her intuition encountering her local environment. Nature and its multi-sensorial experience plays a fundamental role in her art. Her work toys with how nature engages with our senses, and how to visualise these diverse emotions that are evoked by our multiple senses. Abdolpanah’s work thus, attempts to answer these questions of the subconscious. The resulting process of surrendering the mind to nature and its consequences is the mass expression of atemporal observation. Abdolpanah sees her work as the “deposition of emotions, observations and experiences that is supposed to represent the fluidity, dynamism and magic of the nature world that surrounds us.”

Abdolpanah has participated in group shows in France, Germany, Italy and Iran as well as Art Festivals in Scotland, Poland and India.