Souraya Haddad Credoz, contemporary ceramic artist

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Souraya Haddad Credoz


Souraya Haddad Credoz (B. 1962) initially graduated as an architect and then earned a master’s degree in landscape design at Université de Montréal. Afterwards she signed up for ceramic classes at Bonsecours school in Montreal, and has been practicing ceramics ever since, with a control over shapes and forms thanks to her architectural background.

Souraya mainly focuses on developing new glazing formulas and exploring different sculpting techniques. Her determination and extensive experimentation makes each piece a unique object with a poetic connotation. She lived for 12 years in Montreal and two years in Istanbul and has exhibited her pieces in several galleries and exhibitions.

Souraya lives and works in Beirut, Lebanon.

‘The pieces featured in this exhibition were baked in an electric kiln, though my practice often includes Raku firing as well.’