as in Façade

October 6 - November 2

Janet Rady Fine Art is pleased to present as in Façade, a group exhibition of rising talent from around the world, curated by Rajaa Paixão.

Featuring Aliaa Essam, Cécile van Hanja, Ella Bril, Émile Orange, Gabrielė Aleksė, Hugo Robledo, Janet Angus, Mairi Timoney, Marcos Peinado, Megan Rea, Ryan Orme.

Bringing together 11 international artists exploring certain aspects of architecture, the exhibition encompasses a compilation of 35 contemporary paintings that engage in the notion of the dual implication of a façade and its meaning(s).

Most commonly used to refer to the front of a building, a façade usually consists of a large structure with walls and a roof, front walls, or walls facing the street. Its second definition is a deliberately fake outward appearance giving a wrong impression or false idea about something, someone or their true sentiment.

Stemming in its concept from the duality, even plurality of the word façade, the exhibition title stresses the most visually imposing definition that of an architectural façade, with an allusion to the less obvious one of concealed feelings.

The theme picks on the overlapping intersection of an isolating element, an extra layer, a protective shelter.

The two dimensional medium of painting depicting elements with volume and depth channels both the beautiful complexity and the false flatness of this separative ‘wall’.

With their fresh perspective and diversity of styles, the selected works celebrate this ambiguity. Be it the choice of textures, hues, lines, angles, materials; or the level of concrecity, opacity, transluscency, transparency… it all heroes exposure.

The obsolete of our time is lost somewhere between history, generations, cultures, societies, technologies and other factors. The exhibition is an invitation to reflect on what needs to be preserved, revisited… or perhaps left behind in order to move forward.

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