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Yasser Claud-Ennin | Fabric of Society

December 11 - January 12

Janet Rady Fine Art is pleased to present ‘Fabric of Society’, a solo show by the contemporary artist Yasser Claud-Ennin. ‘Fabric of Society’ is an online exhibition that proposes cross-generational dialogue and exploration of the cultural symbols that are deeply embedded in the traditional fabrics of Nigerian and Ghanaian textiles, as found by Claud-Ennin. The exhibition opens on 11th December and is available to view online until 12th January. 


Yasser Claud-Ennin is a self-taught artist of Nigerian-Ghanaian descent. Though based in London today, Claud-Ennin’s practice is inspired by his multicultural heritage and weaves together the traditions of the diverse nationalities, communities and cultures he engages with throughout his life. As a multimedia artist Claud-Ennin makes physical interventions with traditional craft and textile materials, treating them as canvases upon which he creates intricate paintings that expound on notions of identity and spirituality that he has encountered in Nigeria and Ghana. Claud-Ennin’s consideration of his own identity and engagement with the world around him thus encourages the viewer to do the same – and reflect on their own experiences and relationships with the world around them. 

Born and raised between Lagos, Nigeria, and Accra, Ghana, Yasser Claud-Ennin’s exposure to two dynamic and vibrant cities with their own unique cultural features fomented his interest in arts and culture. From a young age, Yasser was greatly inspired by the tactile medium of fabric, both traditional and contemporary, that he sees as a portal and medium by which he can access social dynamics and nostalgia. Coming from a family history deeply intertwined with the business of textiles, from his maternal grandfather’s Dutch wax factory to his great-grandfather’s support for local weavers, Claud-Ennin’s repeated reference to and use of West African textiles in his practice imbues his work with a sense of history and heritage. 

Yasser refers too to his archive of family photographs as well as textiles in his practice, creating multi-layered canvases that are imbued with personal, family and national history, that engage in a bi-cultural discourse. The layering of history and ancestral legacy through found materials, the presence of the artist through his intervention with paint, and the viewer’s observation of the work either through a camera lens, on a computer screen or in a gallery, both preserves and bridges narratives and layers temporalities, while also weaving together representations of identity, culture, and history. Beyond aesthetics, Claud-Ennin posits that sharing personal narratives is essential for ‘redefining West African identity in today’s global context’, and speaks to the ‘transformative power of art to spark dialogue and platform social justice and equality. 


Yasser Claud-Ennin’s recognisably vibrant style, use of bold lines and intricate patterns has garnered acclaim throughout the region and further afield. His work can be found in public and private collections all around the world. Yasser Claud-Ennin has shown in An Evening with Ugo Mozie and Yasser, (2015, Lagos), Rele Foundation Young Contemporaries 2018, (2018, Lagos), Customer Segmentation Framework by The Dalberg Group in partnership with Lagos Business School, (2018, Lagos), Arthouse Contemporary’s Affordable Art Auction, (2019, Lagos), IMPART Artists Fair by LASMARA, (2019, Lagos), Rele Young Contemporaries Alumni Exhibition 2020, National Museum (2020, Lagos), Weaving Identity (duo exhibition), Gallery: 1952 Africa, (2021, Lagos), Identity – Who Are You?, 1952 Africa Arts Accelerator, Lead coordinator and co-curator (2022, Lagos), The Other Art Fair, (2023, London), The Holy Art Fair, (2023, London), The Natural, Kiribaku Art group show, Coningsby Gallery, (2023, London), Izwi Art, group show (2023, Nottingham), Emerge & Establish, Brixton Tate Library group show, (2023, London), Mavambo, group show, (2023, Derby), and New Beginnings, group show, (2023, London). 

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Text written by Luli Gibbs

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