Hawazin Alotaibi

A Trail in The Water, 2020


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Oil paint and reflective fabric on canvas
90 x 160 cm

‘A Trail in The Water’ is part of Hawazin’s ‘Evocation’ work series, where her work engages and aims to provoke an emotional ambience, while questioning the meaning of belonging. She does this by painting places from photographs she took, places from imagination and memory, all merged together in one landscape. She experiments with motion glitch and distortions of her oil paintings, as a way to create an experience for the viewer. Her aim is to create work that isolates the viewer and produces a space that connects their internal and external worlds together.

Hawazin Alotaibi

Hawazin Alotaibi (B.1993) is a London-based Saudi-American interdisciplinary artist, curator, DJ and music producer who earned her BA in Painting at the University of the Arts London and an MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art.


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