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Masoud Akhavanjam

Natura, 2020


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Responding to the theme of the exhibition, “Personal Structures”, the Iranian born sculptor Masoud Akhavanjam has chosen to show his new work “Natura” in Palazzo Bembo. Through this cast, polished stainless steel sculpture, the artist examines the dichotomy of our personal relationship with the natural world. Taking the form of a dynamically posed, rampant bear, the work at once forcefully symbolises the beauty, purity and strength of nature.

As Akhavanjam says, ‘No one ever gets bored in nature, no matter how much time they spend there.’ And it makes no difference where in the world you spend time in nature, be it in the deepest deserts, in the forest or in the middle of the ocean, we can never be fascinated enough with the beauty that the natural world offers us. In every little part of nature and in all living species, there is always a certain magic that waits to be discovered. We are obsessed with TV programmes featuring the natural world; we spend hours surfing social media to find images of pristine nature, and we even wish to spend all our free time and holidays where nature is least disturbed and discovered.

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Cast mirror polished stainless steel & also in bronze
93 x 50 x 50 cm
36 5/8 x 19 3/4 x 19 3/4 in
Edition of 5 plus 2 artist's proofs (#1/5)

Masoud Akhavanjam

Born in 1969 in Tehran, Iran, Masoud Akhavanjam was sent to Boarding School in Marburg Germany, at the age of 14. In 1989 Akhavanjam moved to the United States and attended the George Washington University, receiving a degree in Biology in 1995.

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