Ilse Black

Rebecca Noticed that Darrel was Changing, 2021


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Porcelain, slip and sgraffito
23 x 31 cm
9 1/8 x 12 1/4 in

‘Using the sgraffito technique to embellish my vessels allows me to express the spatially ambiguous and transformative experience that swimming in the sea can be. When it comes to the flora and fauna in my stories, my rule is to only ever include life forms that I have seen myself while exploring or spending time in the sea. When I create my vessels, I think of them as containing water or being shaped in some way by water or the experience of water.’

Ilse Black

Ilse Black (b. 1969, Cape Town, SA) is an artist and illustrator. In 2019 she completed an MA in Illustration as part of reshaping her practice and growing her audience, having come from a Fine Art background.

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