Play On: The Art of Sport

May 15 - June 12

Janet Rady Fine Art is pleased to present “Play On: The Art of Sport”, an online exhibition by a host of international artists that centres around the subject of sports. The exhibition considers physical activity and play from the perspective of the participant and observer, as well as the culture of enjoyment and social rituals that accompany sporting activities. The works chosen in the exhibition are characterised by their ability to capture the sensation of participation or observation of the human form in motion. The artists represent sport as a social and solitary activity through the singular or multi-figural compositions that bring together fans and friends, athletes in action and individual players standing alone. These works range in their containment of energy – whether dynamic or passive. Boxers noisily punch the air, race-cars explode with power and momentum, figures hold poses and stretch their forms with stillness, couples float noiselessly in a pond. The international milieu of artists exhibited in this show hail from Taiwan, Ghana, North America, Armenia and South Africa, emphasising the theme of sports as a unifying social activity that connects together people from different corners of the world. The show runs from 15th May to 12th June on our website, Artsy and Artscapy.

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