Zena Assi

L’Origine du Monde #2, 2021




Mixed Media and Collage on Canvas

15 7/10 × 15 7/10 in
40 × 40 cm
Edition 1/1

This new series of works addresses visibility and invisibility, draws the viewer closer and questions how we engage in the act of looking.

Each work is intricately embellished and densely layered to explore intersecting themes such as gender, power, imagery, culture, and socio-political incidents.
Using the imagery as a narrative, and the paradoxical as a tool, the works explores the intersecting themes of feminism and danger, death and survival, gender and popular culture, religion and socio-economic incidents.

Drawing inspiration from nature’s intricate patterns, looking like a floating garden or a weeping willow tree, these pieces are constructed with papier collage, drawings, paintings and monotypes. The multi-layered surface uses beauty as a tool to look beyond the façade of coloured patterns and compositions and to bear witness to recurrent social injustices.

Zena Assi

Born in Lebanon, in 1974, Zena Assi lives and works between Beirut and London.

She graduated with honors from l’Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts (ALBA), worked in advertising and taught in different universities. 

Her contemporary work draws inspiration from the relations and conflicts between the individual and his spatial environment, society and its surroundings

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