Paul Ettedgui

Sidings, ca. 2021


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Acrylic on canvas
30 x 40 cm

Landscape and Infrastructure series

‘These paintings reflect on the corridors of the city that we travel through using rail. Some depict scenes that are only visible from the train, including views of buildings passed at speed. They illustrate the contrast between architecture, railway tracks and encroaching lush foliage. The works show empty hoardings and faceless buildings sitting in the landscape. In other paintings trains are at rest in their sidings or sheds in readiness for the next journey that they will make.’

Paul Ettedgui

Paul Ettedgui (b. 1967, London, UK) lives and works in London. After a foundation at Camberwell School of Art he then completed a degree in Fine Art at the Kent Institute of Art and Design.

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