Soudeh Davoud

The Victory of Light, 2022


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Looking at the time lapses from the liberated subjects of this collection, it can be seen that they are pulsating
and radiating with a nostalgic notion of passage of time, as they are free subjects in a series of momentarily passing circumstances. Such a condition is of course evidently opposite to the way girls and women live in the artist’s own day and age. In fact, in quite an intelligent manner, the artist has altered the quiddity of the tradition of using light in Iranian culture, turning it from an element of passive existence to a social criticism of her own day and age.


Colour pencil on paper
55 x 95 cm
21 5/8 x 37 3/8 in

Soudeh Davoud

She is an Iranian contemporary visual artist whose work articulates the characteristics of figurative painting as well as the expressive abilities of abstract art.

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