Fragile Forms : Ceramic Works from an Important Private Collection

February 10 - March 20

Janet Rady is pleased to present a new online exhibition focusing on ceramics works by acclaimed international artists from an important private collection. The exhibition includes works by Edmund De Waal, Ruth Duckworth, Akiko Hirai, Johannes Nagel and Brian Rochefort.

Janet Rady Fine Art is pleased to present ‘Fragile Forms: Ceramic Works from an Important Private Collection’. Bringing together ceramic works by internationally renowned ceramicists, represented globally by blue-chip galleries and in extensive collections, this online exhibition presents some of the most widely acclaimed modern and contemporary sculptors, potters and ceramicists. Bringing together works by Brian Rochefort, Edmund de Waal, Akiko Hirai, Ruth Duckworth and Johannes Nagel, the works in this viewing room deconstruct and challenge the potentiality of ceramics and potter. Characterised by occupying the liminal space between modernist-structural sculpture and the more traditional approach to ceramics-making [throwing clay on a wheel and firing it in a kiln.] the artists chosen in this exhibition desist the conventional approaches and techniques commonly applied to the creation of ceramics – they unapologetically eschew the expected, challenge our expectations and explore the limits of clay beyond the bounds of function. These secondary market works by the world’s most renowned artists from a prestigious private collection will be available to view online from 10th of February until 20th of March, 2023.


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