Featured Artist

Brian Rochefort


Brian Rochefort (b. 1985) lives and works in Los Angeles, and is known for his stoneware and earthenware sculptures that are often layered with multiple glazes or with melted glass. His bulbous vessels sculpted from clay violently erupt in both form and colour creating a visceral effect. Sometimes likened to volcanoes with their cracked-glazed polychrome surfaces that evoke the ruptures and craters caused by violent natural phenomena, at other times his vessels visually  parallel other natural settings such as tropical rainforests and barrier reefs. With painstaking care and accuracy, his ceramics are created to achieve an organic sense of fluidity; they are alive and oozing, yet frozen in time. Rochefort holds a BFA from RISDI (2007) and participated in the Lillian Fellowship Residency at the Archie Bray Foundation (2009). He has shown in a solo capacity internationally, with Van Doren Waxter and 11R, New York, NY; Massimo De Carlo, London and Milan; Caterina Tognon, Venice, Italy; Sorry We’re Closed, Brussels, Belgium; and Bernier Eliades, Athens. Group exhibitions include: The Cabin, Los Angeles, CA; Sorry We’re Closed, Brussels; Retrospective Gallery, Hudson, NY; and Steve Turner, Los Angeles, CA.