Timelessness of a Church

September 4 - September 11

“In a timeless church, a remarkable transformation took place. The sacred space became a canvas for a contemporary art exhibition, where the power of art unfolded. Each artwork emanated a captivating energy, inviting visitors to see the world through a different lens. The exhibition became a testament to the profound impact of art, inspiring introspection, and igniting a sense of wonder within all who experienced it.”

Timelessness of a Church will be presented at St. Barnabas Church in London, SW1W 8PF from the 4th to 11th September 2023. The show was co-curated by Janet Rady with the Behnoode Foundation.

Janet Rady Fine Art is pleased to present ‘Timelessness of a Church’, an exhibition curated in partnership with the Behnoode Foundation. The exhibition will be available to view from 4th to 11th September 2023 in St Barnabas Church in Pimlico. 

‘Timelessness of a Church’ brings together works by an international milieu of artists from Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Algeria and the United Kingdom. As the founder of the Behnoode Foundation explains, the selection of works explore the notion of the ‘church’ with its rich cultural significance – whether it is through architectural forms, spiritual symbolism, as a sanctuary or as a space of gathering for community, the exhibition interrogates the very space within which human connections are made, beliefs affirmed and meanings searched for. 

The sacral associations of the ‘church’ are explored in diverse ways by the artists in the exhibition. Some delve into the architectural aspects of churches, studying their grandeur or the emotions they evoke. Others focus on the symbolism associated with religious iconography, exploring the intersection of faith and art. Additionally, the show features works that reflect upon the role of the church and more widely spaces of congregation in communities and raise questions about its influence. 

The artworks have been selected for their ability to interact with the exhibition space. They may contrast or complement one another, considering the viewer to reflect on the different perspectives and interpretations of the ‘church’ theme. Each artwork adds its own unique voice to the conversation, resulting in a multi-layered and thought-provoking experience.

The diversity of artists and art-forms initiates cross-cultural dialogues and emphasises the global significance of the theme. By showcasing the perspectives of artists from different backgrounds, the exhibition aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the complexities and universal aspects of the subject of ‘church’ as a subject.

‘Timelessness of a Church’ is open all week from 4th – 11th September 2023, and guests are encouraged to attend the Private View on the 4th of September 2023, from 6 – 9 pm. A percentage of sale proceeds will go to benefit of the Behnoode Foundation as well as St. Barnabas Church.

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