Mairi Timoney

Harbour II, 2021


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Acrylic paint and paper on wooden board
30 x 22 cm

‘The elements which exist within the Harbour series are a combination of personal memories of different spaces I have experienced which I wanted to recreate mixed with fictional places which developed as I worked on the composition. Within the works I layer both paint and paper to create fragments of a landscape and use photomontage, drawing and painting techniques to build the pieces. The starting point for the works were colour combinations I wanted to try along with drawings from my sketchbook. The architectural elements in the works were the final thing I added as they balance the composition and help to form a sense of place.’

Mairi Timoney

Mairi Timoney is an artist living and working in Edinburgh. She studied painting at Edinburgh College of Art and at L’École Superieure Des Arts Decoratifs in Strasbourg, France. Since graduating Mairi has continued to make and exhibit work in both group and solo shows.

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