Masoud Akhavanjam

Dilemma of Man IV, 2017


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Mirror Polished Stainless Steel
115 x 40 x 29 cm
Base: 30.3 x 15.2 x 15cm
Edition of 8 plus 2 AP

‘Dilemma of Man’ is a portrayal of the struggle between good and evil. A human figure is depicted with a pair of wings. One wing is a magnificent feathered structure – the wing of the angel, while the other takes on a bat like appearance – that of the devil. The work evokes the metaphor of having a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, and the conflict of day-to-day choices between good and evil. For Akhavanjam the figure is influential members of society, and those whose decisions have a great impact on humanity. The figure faces this dilemma: to choose what is easy and wrong or to choose what is hard, selfless and good.

Masoud Akhavanjam

Born in 1969 in Tehran, Iran, Masoud Akhavanjam was sent to Boarding School in Marburg Germany, at the age of 14. In 1989 Akhavanjam moved to the United States and attended the George Washington University, receiving a degree in Biology in 1995.

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