DISRUPTING THE DELICATE · Contemporary Ceramics by Ten Women Artists

December 8 - January 11

Janet Rady Fine Art is pleased to present DISRUPTING THE DELICATE · Contemporary Ceramics By Ten Women Artists, featuring Ilse Black, Rafaela de Ascanio, Julia Florence, Marliz Frencken, Souraya Haddad Credoz, Elza Jaszczuk, Jeni Johnson, Mina Karwanchi, Hala Matta, Sandra Shashou.

The exhibition gathers a refined selection of artistic female talent whose work addresses the sculptural and tactile qualities of clay.

DISRUPTING THE DELICATE is a counterpoint to the saying ‘women are delicate creatures’, and the common usage of the adjective ‘delicate’ to describe ceramics. Furthermore, the portrayal of women is more than ever a ‘delicate’ matter.

The theme behind the exhibition challenges entrenched misconceptions around the employment of the term ‘delicate’ specifically insinuating frail or weak. It aims at highlighting the power these inspiring women hold, and their respective intricate and sophisticated practices.

Although the artists in the show deviate in their thinking or ways of working, several factors draw a strong connection and similarities between them; and most strikingly, with Ceramics as the medium. A common denominator sits on an intersection of qualities, namely resistance, resilience, perseverance, tenacity, patience and determination… but fundamentally, a singular magnitude of expression.

The included pieces vary in size, form, texture and technique. The processes used by the artists are as diverse as the makers themselves and the style of their works.

The selection demonstrates a pushed exploration in sculpting, shaping, carving, moulding, pottery making, wheel throwing, casting, drying, kiln baking, Raku firing, glazing, finishing, destroying and reassembling, stacking… amongst other experimental methods.

The collection ranges from minimalist monochromes, biomorphic shapes, bold coloured vases, conceptual sculptures, figural representations, painted vessels to plates with detailed drawings.

Whilst some featured works have retained their utilitarian characteristics, or were inspired by ancient ways of making, such as the Japanese art of Kintsugi, they betray a strong delineation from traditional functional artefacts, with a pronounced shift towards sculptural objects.

Intense narratives covering biography, life events, and a marking impact of some surroundings float around each chosen work, where every single one of them is a testimony of creativity and originality, and a rare skill to be nurtured and valued even further.


Exhibition text by Rajaa Paixão

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