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Expression Unbound – Contemporary Art from the Middle East

June 3 - June 16

Expression Unbound: Contemporary Art from the Middle East is a veneration of Middle Eastern art as a universal language, speaking of hope, change, and the human condition. In the heart of London, twelve contemporary artists come together to eclipse cultural preconceptions and narrate their individual life experiences, often impacted by tumult experienced within turbulent geographic region. Their paintings and sculptures showcase these unheard perspectives, with each piece inviting the viewer to contemplate their authentic stories, as well as the paradoxical beauty produced by generational struggle.


When observed in conjunction, these artists present a glimpse of the Middle East’s social restriction and internal suffering that are often overlooked by the Western lens. Grappling with these global cultural barriers, they attempt to construct a diverse and holistic insight into the Middle East, projecting their introspective voices throughout the international artistic landscape.

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The artists displayed in the exhibition will be: Dr Boutros Al Maari, Muatasim Alkubaisy, Mireille Boustany, Lina Hijazi, Karine Hochar, Brahim Jawabreh, Annie Kurkjian, Mohamad Labash, Dr Nizar Sabour, Khalid Takriti, Chawki Youssef, Youssef Youssef.

Live Event

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