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Nizar Sabour


Born in 1958 in Syria, Nizar Sabour holds a BA in Drawing and Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus University and a PhD in Sciences of Art from the Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry, Russia. Sabour was appointed as Professor at the University of Damascus in 1991, a post that he holds to this day. Has exhibited his works in Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan, Russia, Germany, France, Switzerland, UEA and USA.


His vivid execution of the landscapes of Syria constructs a striking echo of tales concerning identity, conflict, and resilience. His paintings serve as a canvas for the emotional turmoil that has come to define his homeland, with each stroke becoming a testament to the perseverance of the human spirit amidst adversity. Through the cathartic nature of his art, Sabour’s work conveys the uneasy alliance of raw beauty and profound tragedy that has become synonymous with Syria, granting a voice to those whose stories often go unheard.

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Expression Unbound – Contemporary Art from the Middle East

Kaf Gallery and Janet Rady Fine Art are honoured to present Expression Unbound: Contemporary Art from the Middle East, a glimpse into the work of twelve Middle Eastern artists, each deeply influenced by a rich history of cultural tradition and struggle within their homeland. Presented in an array of media, this selection of works constructs a diverse tapestry of artistic vision that transcends borders and interrogates societal perceptions.

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