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Muatasim Alkubaisy


Born 1968 in Iraq, with a BA from Fine Art Academy, Muatasim Alkubaisy is a sculptor renowned for his bronze artworks. He is a Senior Tutor of Sculpture and Coordinator of Fundamentals of Art and Design II Studio.


As a member of the Iraqi Fine Artists Association, he gained the first Young Artists Award in Baghdad in 2005. Among his key achievements are the gold-plated ceramic mural memorialising the late HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in Al Ain Museum, UAE. Alkubaisy has solo exhibited his works in Ayyam Gallery, Dubai, Beirut, and Abu Dhabi alongside several group exhibitions in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Paris and Sydney.


For over two decades now, Alkubaisy has shaped his career as a sculptor, highlighting the serious and drastic changes taking place in Iraq post-2003. In his search for answers and pure expression, the artist has freed himself from traditional forms and imitations of previous artwork, creating a series of sculptural bodies that encompass his beliefs and identity. Whilst staying true to his skill, tools, and training, Alkubaisy created his The Generals series to epitomise his relentless quest against tyranny, slaughter and degeneration.

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Kaf Gallery and Janet Rady Fine Art are honoured to present Expression Unbound: Contemporary Art from the Middle East, a glimpse into the work of twelve Middle Eastern artists, each deeply influenced by a rich history of cultural tradition and struggle within their homeland. Presented in an array of media, this selection of works constructs a diverse tapestry of artistic vision that transcends borders and interrogates societal perceptions.

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