Featured Artist

Anaelle Myriam Chaaib


Anaelle Myriam Chaaib is a Franco-Moroccan artist born in 1994 in Lille, France. Anaelle currently lives in Tangier. She is a self-taught artist and illustrator. Her recent commissions include work for the collector Gordon Watson, illustrations for Les Echos (France), and WeTransfer.

Anaelle has been drawing since she was little and completed a bachelor’s degree in art, but she pursued business studies, and received a French pastry degree. She worked as a buyer in mass distribution, then settled in Morocco to open a restaurant in Chefchaouen, and now, a pastry shop in Tangier.

Anaelle’s inspiration comes from the daily scenes of her life in Morocco and childhood memories (holiday, family). She is very sensitive to the subject of migration, and “crossbreeding”.

‘Morocco frees a part of me that I have fantasized about when I was in Europe.’