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Tajsar Jafari


Tajsar Jafari (b. 1955, Ganjgah village in Ardabil, Iran) got married when she was seventeen years old and moved to Bandar-e Anzali. It took her 50 years to discover her artistic talent. She used to embroider and weave carpets and her artworks are formed in line with rug weaving.

Now after 15 years of constant effort, her works have been displayed in numerous solo and group shows, recently she had a solo show at Choom art gallery. She lives and works in Bandar-e Anzali.

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Through the Looking-Glass

Janet Rady Fine Art is pleased to present Through the Looking-Glass showcasing works by four artists: Malekeh Nayiny, Robert Twigger, Lanre Buraimoh and Tajsar Jafari. Taking its title from the novel by Lewis Carroll, these artists each variously explore their fantastical worlds. Online only from 5th May to 1st June.

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