Featured Artist

Huguette Caland


A Lebanese painter, sculptor and fashion designer, Caland studied art at the American University of Beirut. She divided her time between France and California for many years, gaining a considerable following in Paris, where she decided to spend time alone working, leaving her husband and children to do so, even though she remained committed to them all.

Her work is known for being intriguing and often erotic, vacillating between the overt and explicit, and suggestive and subtle. Women, their bodies and their place in the world are recurring themes in Caland’s work, which has been exhibited extensively across the globe. Caland enjoyed a deserved upsurge in popularity in her final years, with her work featured in the Hammer Museum’s 2016 ‘Made in LA’ biennial and the Sharjah Biennial and Tate St Ives, UK (both 2019).

Featured Works