Osman Salifu

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Osman Salifu


Osman Salifu (b.1992 Accra, Ghana) has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Education, Winneba. Through his work, Salifu expresses a fervent pride in his identity as a black man embracing his uniqueness and heritage. He is also keen to portray black culture through the relationships and bonds established with the subjects featured in his portraits.

The glistening bodies of men and women captured by Salifu showcase his advocacy against skin bleaching and its unfathomable trend in recent times. His work illustrates the fundamental truth that to find love you must first learn to love everything about yourself.

This new body of work seeks to address the rampant skin bleaching, which has become common in black society worldwide. I literally want to make black people aware of how beautiful and unique our skin color can be.” – Osman Salifu

Salifu’s paintings straddle the imaginative and the real-world order where the processes involved are just as compelling as the outcome. Some specifics are definite, whilst others are more reminiscent and symbolic. This gives each portrait a tactile feel and a rich tapestry of entwined techniques. The landscapes conjure up memories of people’s experiences and the color schemes evoke the feeling of kinship and longing while adding a touch of warmth and inventiveness.

Osman Salifu lives and works in Accra, Ghana.