Featured Artist

Philip Komla Letsu


Philip Komla Letsu (b. 1987) is a Ghanaian artist currently living and working in Ho, Ghana. Komla’s practice is driven by the urgent need that he feels to capture and document the culture and lifestyle of the urban. The artist’s conviction in the power memories and our imagination has in relation to the formation of identity leads his works to confront issues of representation. Instead, he aims to consider that which is neglected. Komla Letsu employs bold colours to his subjects and the spaces they inhabit with a surrealism that satiates our visual hunger. In the artist’s own words,  “my greatest inspiration is the innermost satisfaction derived after a quiet time, when I take some time off to explore positive energies found within to make paintings that feed the visual need and breed the admiration from people. I translate illusions into reality by using the vocabulary of painting.”