Featured Artist

Émile Orange


Émile Orange is a French artist born in 1993 in Cherbourg at the tip of Normandy. He obtained a master’s degree from the National Superior Diploma of Plastic Expression (DNSEP) from the Superior School of Art and Media (ESAM) in Caen in 2017, and spent part of his studies in an international exchange in Quebec.
As soon as his studies ended, he was invited to perfect his painting practice in residence in Paris and then in Prague. He had several exhibitions between Paris, Mulhouse and his region of origin.
Since 2019, he has been developing a professional activity as a plastic mediator specializing in contemporary art at the Regional Contemporary Art Fund (FRAC) of Normandy.

Emile lives and works in Caen, where he is also developing an associative activity (Super4) in events and graphics.
The practice of painting is the main focus of his research. He uses a figurative pictorial lexicon, influenced by photography, cinema and the desire for storytelling.
Emile wants to reflect on his world by telling stories in which light is mingled, as well made from electric lighting as from that of a sun that is too low.
Color is an essential element in his work. It represents the fascinations and worries that cross us and becomes as expressive as the painted images. The use of fluorescent pigments makes his painting difficult to reproduce, which in a way protects his ‘aura’. You can only fully experience the brilliance of his painting by being in front of it. His references in painting are similar to the gaze of Edward Hopper, the intrigues of Jacques Monory, or more, claim the colors and vibrations of Nina Childress.
The images that Émile chooses to include in his paintings bare witness to a sensitive relationship with his environment and his artistic roots.