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Oussama Baalbaki


Born in Beirut, Oussama Baalbaki received his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the Institute of Fine Arts, Lebanese University, in 2002. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions across a wide array of institutions in Lebanon, including the Sursock Museum, and abroad in the cities of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, London, Miami, Munich, New York and Washington. His solo exhibitions include: ‘Paintings in Black’ (2004) at Dar El Nadwa; ‘Scenes of Isolation’ (2007) at Safana Gallery; ‘Less Smoke, and more…’ (2009); ‘Rituals of Isolation’ (2011); ‘Spectres of the Real’ (2015); ‘Pleadings of the Light’ (2017) at Agial Gallery; ‘Shadows of Gloominess’ (2014) at Galerie Tanit, hosted in collaboration with Agial Gallery; and ‘Against the Grain’ (2018) at Saleh Barakat Gallery. In 2009, he won the silver medal for painting at the ‘Jeux de la Francophonie’. Baalbaki lives and works in Beirut.

Featured Works