Featured Artist

Maria José Cabral


Maria José Cabral was born on 30 January 1993 in Lisbon where she lives and works. In 2014 she graduated in Sculpture from the University of Fine Arts in Lisbon, in 2018 became master in Painting by the same University and in 2021 completed a postgraduate course in Art Market Management at ISCTE.

Since 2012 she exhibits regurlarly, already counting exhibitions in the cities of New York, Lisbon, Coimbra, Funchal, Madrid, Venice and Palermo. Currently, she works at her studio and her artistic practice is complemented by Galeria Campo Pequeno project, where she managed exhibitions and partnerships in order to showcase promising and emerging young artists.

It is through the images that best express herself, but as an artist, she values the various forms of communication that lead her to convey a message, whether through painting, sculpture, photography or even writing. Having as one of the focal points of her work the spontaneous formation of colors, her work results in the plastic exploration of the various layers of memory which together with the imaginary fused with possible mutations and (re)creations.

It is in fragments rescued from time that her painting finds an ambiguous place between reality and dream. The “game” between absence/presence that represents memory and the interregno between the conscious and the unconscious emerges as an engine to discover the restlessness of the mind by the hand.