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Samia Osseiran Junblatt


Samia Osseiran was born in Saida and graduated with a BA in Fine Arts in 1965 from the Beirut University College, Lebanon. She received her MA in Fine Art in Florence, Italy, two years later, from the Institute of Pius II. Osseiran Junblatt worked as a professor of fine arts at the Beirut University College from 1970 for two years, before travelling to Tokyo as a graphic art student – an experience, alongside milestones in her life, that would have a significant impact on her work. In 1977, she founded the Society Artaizhana in south Lebanon. Key themes in her work, which has featured in a number of exhibitions, include flora, verdure and solar elements – a stark contrast to her earlier black and white pieces. Junblatt continues to live in Saida.

Featured Works